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Peace of mind, knowing exactly what you are going to experience in your spaces, is a priceless feeling.


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Over the last 13 years we at Studio Constantine have found it challenging at times to effectively convey our unique ideas and design intent to our clients. These have been projects where the idea we wanted to propose had no existing visual references that could have been used to effectively communicate our ideas that would do justice to the design concept and help our clients understand the design.

Most of these ideas were being created for the first time which happens to be a problem we face in almost all our projects.  2D,  3D renderings, and models, the tools often used by Architects and Designers have given us different levels of success when it comes to effectively communicating  design intent and concept to our clients. Time being of importance, the future is all about effective communication. Efficient use of time and resources will be of utmost importance to clients and design teams alike.

This is where Virtual Reality comes in. Through the advancements in technology Studio Constantine puts its clients into a different plane when it comes to design concept and visualization.

Seeing vs imagining the design

For the first time, clients can actually go into the building and experience the space looking up, down and all around. You can look at what's upstairs, u can become a drone and fly all around a building and view each room from every possible angle. All this even before the working drawings for the design have been made.

Better Space visualization

Its more about creating and feeling the design now than just looking at it. The presentation is now more engaging for our clients, and it is a lot more emotive to the senses with them immersed in  virtual reality.

A More productive and Efficient Project

With VR, new construction teams can be effectively trained. Right from determining varying material requirements for different phases of construction to the site walk-throughs,

VR experiences can provide a proactive approach for making the construction sites more intuitive, efficient, and above all safer.

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